Litigation and Dispute Program

Our Program

To achieve the success of legal and tax cases, we develop the best dispute and litigation schemes
to provide the required solution to the existing situation

Legal Dispute Assistance

We provide assistance and representation to clients in various civil and commercial disputes.

Disputes may arise from breach of agreement committed by a party (default) or an act or omission that impose injury or harm to another (tort). Whether its civil or commercial dispute, both can be a growing risk and has the potential to disrupt business, damage reputation, and loss.

We represent clients in any dispute settlement mechanisms, through litigation before the Indonesian court and non-litigation such as bilateral negotiation, mediation, and arbitration before the National Board of Arbitration (BANI Arbitration Center) and assist client to formulate strategy to achieve the desired outcome.

Tax Legal Assistance

Provide legal assistance to clients on tax disputes, whether in the objection stage, appeal, lawsuit, review, legal tax remedies, or other conflicts.

Tax disputes may arise from the tax audit, tax objection, tax appeals, and tax reconsideration. We can assist in minimizing any tax consequences, interest, and fines from the cases above. We represent clients in any tax confirmation/settlement to tax authorities in the tax dispute resolution process.

Tax Audit Assistance

Conduct audit for client’s tax compliance obligation by following existing tax regulations using a sampling method. We can review your company transaction and taxation to find the best audit outcome and solution before needing to be audited by tax authorities